Snowboarding 101

Learning to Snowboard | Turangi Motel

Snow and snowboarding bring out the adventurer, the athlete, and the frustration in all of us!
Here are a few basic rules and tips to get started on your journey to a successful day on the slopes.

  • The gear. When you first begin snowboarding, a beginner’s board is good. Why buy an expensive board just to find out the sport doesn’t suit you? A helmet is important. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money right away and don’t plan on crazy tricks, a skateboard helmet will work. Wear light clothes – no jeans -- under your winter coat. It’s amazing how fast you work up a sweat. As for goggles, if you are hitting the big hills you will need them, otherwise you don’t need them. Now your boots are very important. Make sure the boots are stiff and fit into your snowboard boots. Stiff boots help to avoid injuries. Your bindings area very important, use rubber bindings; not plastic.
  • Foot First. Decide what foot you want in front. An easy way to figure this out is to run and slide on some ice. Whatever foot you slide on first will also be the same one you want to use when snowboarding. 
  • Riding the board. Keep your knees bent, arms at side, and look straight ahead. Don’t lean back or forward. Lean forward only if you want speed, and lean back if you want to slow down.
  • Turning. Heel turns. Lean on heels and then bend your knees a bit more. Once you have turned, get the snowboard level and then straighten yourself out.
  • Turning. Toe turns. Act if you are on the tips of your toes. This makes you lean and makes the turn. Once your snowboard is level, straighten yourself out.
  • Snowboard maintenance. After you use you snowboard every 2-3 times, make sure to wax it and check for damaged bindings.

Ride and practice is the best way to become comfortable on your board. Learning the easy tricks such as: Ollies and tic tac will give you more enjoyment and bragging rights!