An Environmentally Friendly Tongariro Crossing

An Environmentally Friendly Tongariro Crossing

Mother nature is not a force to be reckoned with. It was, after all, just over 120 years since the last volcanic eruption at Mount Tongariro (1897). She has been sculpting the beautiful Tongariro Crossing for thousands of years. Together we must help by acting with the incorporation of Environmentally friendly procedures, to help preserve the natural beauty of the Tongariro Crossing. 

Here is the NZ Environmental Care Code
• Protect Plants & Wildlife
• Remove Rubbish
• Keep Streams & Lakes Clean
• Take Care with Stoves & Fires
• Camp Carefully
• Respect our Cultural Heritage
• Keep to the Track
• Consider other People

Sticking to this simple code will allow the life of Turangi’s greatest attraction to thrive in its presence, but will wither in its absence. Make the right choice... To help the Tongariro Crossing further, consider doing these little things that will help shape the future of the region:
• Shuttle Transport - Consider the use of the shuttle to get to the Tongariro Crossing. Licenced Operators approved by the Department of Conservation will supply transportation, as well as allowing free parking at their depot.
• Leave what you find - This is an easy one. Leave the surrounding area as pristine as possible and do not take any souvenirs home with you such as stones, sticks and plant life.
• Take everything with you - Even if there are rubbish bins near, it is a good habit to take your rubbish home. Animals can get into the bins and make a mess, but they can also become reliant on these bins as a source of food, rather than finding some naturally. This can have a major effect on the wildlife and ecosystem of the area.

These factors all contribute to a greater Turangi, which in turn makes us a greater Parklands Motor Lodge. We hope you have a wonderful time visiting our one of a kind, beautiful region. Learn more about the Tongariro Crossing at its official website

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