Adventure Weekend in Turangi

So you're thinking about an adventure weekend in Turangi? You're coming to the right place. Turangi has the perfect blend of adventure, scenery, and is a bit more relaxed and rural than some of the bigger tourist areas around NZ. We know you're going to love it here. Feel free to contact us directly at our Turangi accommodation for advice or to book your stay.

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is just a short trip from our Turangi accommodation

Image courtesy of the Department of Conservation

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing

This has become one of New Zealand's most well-known and popular hikes in New Zealand, and Turangi, located between Taupo and the Mangetepopo Carpark (the trail start) is the place to base yourself. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing  is among the most popular day hikes in the country. The Tongariro National Park, through which the trail crosses, is a World Heritage site and has been acknowledged for both its natural and cultural significance. Winter isn't the time of you to attempt this. Key hazards are the high wind chill factor, the rapid change in weather and very poor visibility in the sudden storms with blinding snow and cloud.If you are thinking about doing the crossing and want some advice feel free to contact us.

You can read more about the Tongariro Alpine Crossing here.

Trout Fishing

Turangi is known as the trout fly fishing capital of the world, and with a title like that there must be something in it. Trout fishing is huge in this area - there are fly fishing tour companies, guidebooks and maps, and even a Children's Fishing pond at the Tongariro National Trout Centre. Depending on the season you will have a very different experience - click here to learn more about Fly Fishing in Turangi

White Water Rafting

The Tongairo River is well-known for it's incredible rafting experiences. There are different sections of the river allowing for a range of tours - from family-friendly float tours through to extreme white water. One local company, who have been rafting here since 1987, is Tongariro River Rafting.

Mountain Biking

Our Turangi accommodation is a great base for Mountain Bike adventures. There are several companies available, or if you have your own bikes we can provide trail maps and details. Ask us for advice at time of booking or when you check-in. 

Skiing and Snowboarding

We're not going to go into too much detail here. Mt Ruapehu is nearby, and it has the largest ski area in New Zealand. You can get an introduction to Skiing here, or go straight to the Mt. Ruapehu site.

More Activities

There is a lot more where this came from - more trails for hiking, kayaking, boating, golfing, climbing, horse riding and scenic drives. Turangi is an amazing part of New Zealand, and we'd love to host you for your adventure weekend.  Click here to see our Turangi accommodation options.